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10 Minute Solution: 30 Day System Xpress Workout Kit


10 Minute Solution - Total Fitness DVDs

Create your own custom workout by programming any of the segments on each Fitness Workout DVD in the order you select. Get a slimmer, leaner body with more muscle tone in just 30 days! This comprehensive Xpress Workouts: 10 Minute Solution DVD gives you a step-by-step guide to rapid results! You get five of the best-ever 10 Minute Solution DVDs which contain over 25 different workout segments (for tons of workout combinations to keep things fresh and fun). You also get a specially designed 30-Day Workout Calendar that outlines exactly which workout segments to do on each of the 30 days for the right kind of variety to keep challenge your muscle groups in the most effective ways which is key to optimizing results.

I had tried one other pilates dvd and didn’t like it but since I enjoyed other 10 Minute Solution dvds I thought I would give this one a try and I am so glad I did! The time flew by for each segment and I really enjoyed Lara as an instructor. You also add hand weights to some segments which is nice. In fact the only equipment needed was a carpeted floor or pilates mat, and light hand weights. Plus you are able to do this workout bare foot, a nice change of pace. My only complaint is that I could not do all the moves in the cardio segment, too advanced for me but hopefully in time I will increase my flexibiity. I highly recommend this dvd for an intro to pilates or for those already at intermediate levels. I found it relaxing but could feel the burn afterwards.

10 Minute Solution Cardio Hip Hop DVD List Price: $14.99

Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love the 10 minute solution DVDs, especially the pilates, and I think this is an especially challenging one. A beginner can do it if they have the energy and motivation. The instructor is great at explaining the moves. The "waist slimmer" was one of the best abdominal workouts I have ever tried. I exercise daily, and doing all 5 segments made my whole body burn. Great workout!

(1) Instructor's name: Heather Graham