Review: 80GB and 160GB iPod classic

Apple MC297LL/A iPod Classic MP3/MP4 Player 160GB Black (7th Generation) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


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Apple iPod Classic 160 GB Overview Video. In this video, we provide an overview of the 160GB iPod Classic from Apple. The simplicity of design and the user experience is great on this little media player. This particular model of iPod is great for those who need more storage capacity for their music, images, and or videos than is currently available on other iPods, iPhones, or iPads. This device would also be a good choice for less tech savvy individuals who would prefer a more simple and userfriendly alternative to the iPod Touch.

The iPod Classic 160GB can store up to 40,000 audio files, or 25,000 images, or 200 hours of video, or various combinations of music, images, and or videos. This model (iPod Classic) is currently available in two colors; Black or Silver. Thse iPods hold up very well overtime and can continue to function even after considerable wear and tear.

The 160GB iPod Classic retails for approximately $250. We here at Tampa Tech Review recomend purchasing a case or at least a protective cover for the rear of the iPod to reduce the scratching, smudging, and finger print marks that will eventually show up on the backside of the iPod.

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With such expansive libraries it’s no longer a rare feat to exceed an 80GB capacity. And even if you don’t have a huge media library, you may care so much about the quality of your recordings that you encode in an uncompressed or Apple Lossless format, both of which consume greater amounts of storage. For those people, the 160GB iPod classic makes a lot of sense.

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As has become typical, Apple provides conservative battery estimates for play times. Although I haven’t completed battery tests (because they take so darned long), I can say that the 80GB iPod classic exceeds Apple’s estimates in a “best case” audio battery test—one where I filled the iPod with music, pressed Play, and walked away. Apple suggests this iPod will play audio for 30 hours. My 80GB iPod classic finally gave up the ghost after 41 hours and five minutes of continuous audio play. Screen brightness and volume were set in the middle positions and EQ and Sound Check were switched off. We’ll offer complete battery tests results for both the 80- and 160GB iPod classic when those tests are completed.