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3DTV Corp DLP-LINK 3D Glasses 2 Pairs for ALL 3D Ready DLP Projectors and ALL Samsung and Mitsubishi DLP TV's

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Best Rated 3D Ready LED TVs (2015-2016) – This page contains a roundup of all of the top-rated LED 3D HDTVs, presented here for a side by side comparison of price, features, and reviews. 3D Ready TVs are high quality HDTVs with the ability to display 3D Movies and content as well as regular 2D […]

I assume your complaint with Samsung is you have one of their old "3D ready" DLP or plasma models what was only "3D ready" for using a properly configured PC as the video source (that's all their product literature for those products claimed as far as 3D capabilities). These models were designed, sold and discontinued well before the standards were developed (late 2009) for the new 3DTV technology. While it would have been a nice service to their their previous customers to offer for sale an adapter (as Mitsubishi is doing) to provide a means to allow their old 3D ready TVs to be used with the new generation of 3D sources, they had no obligation to do so.

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    3D-ready TV purchased before March of 2010 will likely not be compatible with this newer 3D format and therefore may not work. However some manufacturers have created an adapter for some of their previous 3D ready HDTVs. Just be aware that there are adapters also available for other purposes in the market like wireless internet, for example.
    With a you will need to buy an add-on, a 3D adapter, to get your HDTV displaying 3D content. 3D ready TV plays in 2D only unless you get the stuff with it.
    Quite often 3D ready TVs are listed as “Full 3D Ready HD 1080p” meaning Full HD and 3D Ready. So, look before you leap! Always read descriptions.

    Manufacturers of 3D Ready TVs have their own requirements on how to watch their 3D Ready TVs, what devices you’ll need and how to put together all the stuff.