Samsung YP-S5 MP3 player - 8GB memory

Sylvania 9-Inch Swivel Screen Portable DVD/CD/MP3 Player with 5 Hour Built-In Rechargeable Battery, USB/SD Card Reader, AC/DC Adapter, Blue


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Sony is also giving us a refresh of the (another excellent player we saw from Sony last year), by throwing in the noise-cancellation feature found in their SonicStage-era NW-S705F MP3 player. The new player is called the NWZ-S710F series (are you remembering all these catchy model numbers?), and will be available in 4GB and 8GB capacities priced at $150 and $200, respectively. Aside from the addition of active noise-cancellation, the NWZ-S710F is essentially unchanged from the NWZ-S610, and will be available in silver, red, and black.

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Samsung YP-S5 MP3 player
Ralf Jurrien : September 6th 2007 - 14:00 CET

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MP3 Player with HTML5

In you are a beginner in HTML5 and you are looking for new knowledge – our new tutorial is for you. We are about to tell you how to create your own html5 mp3 player. For the first lesson, we are going to tell you about HTML5 Audio Element. The HTML5 audio element is at the core of the new media API. The element itself allows you to play several different types of audio files and has a convenient built-in controller, which allows the user to control the audio playback. Let’s start by creating a very basic HTML document that plays an audio file.