Years of Production of Barbie Dolls:

Barbie Made to Move Barbie Doll, Blue Top


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Color Magic Barbie came with either Golden Blonde or Midnight Black hair that changed to either Scarlet Flame or Ruby Red when the enclosed solution was applied. This is one of the hardest to find, and therefore most expensive vintage Barbie dolls. Some Color Magic Barbie are considered "high color" with very vivid makeup. These are generally more valuable.

There are two Halloween Barbie Dolls this year. There is both a pink box and Target exclusive. In addition there are also three kelly & friends dolls and 2 "mini" Barbie dolls.

2015 Rainbow Hair Barbie Dolls.

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  • 2015 Barbie Hair-Tastic! Long Hair Nikki and Barbie Dolls.

    Launched at the American Toy Fair in 1959, Barbie was the first teenage ever produced for children and quickly became one of the all-time best selling and most widely collected toys. Heavily promoted on TV, over a billion of the dolls have been sold. Collectors prize early numbered Barbie dolls from 1959 and the , as well as a wide range of rarities and special editions, such as Barbie dolls with bendable legs or red hair.

    Barbie's new look in 1961, said to be influenced by the 1st lady Jackie Kennedy, the fashion ion of the time, was a short style called a Bubblecut.

    Bubblecut Barbie dolls were sold from 1961 to 1967. Although collectors do not often distinguish the different faces like they do with the ponytail, the Bubblecut's face underwent the same transformation as the ponytail. The first Bubblecut had a small tight hairstyle. As the years progressed her hair got fuller and fuller.