Rental of one toddler bed rail.

Regalo Swing Down Bedrail, White

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Accessories for adult bed rails including covers and cup holders.

• You should offer different types of rails— full rails, half rails and hand rails (each of them is used for a different need). Someone who has trouble staying in bed at night will need a full rail, or a rail that extends the full length of the bed. Someone who wants to prevent the possibility of falling from bed and the ability to use the bed rail to stand might want a half rail. And those who simply need help getting in and out of bed might consider using a hand rail. Having at least one of each of these different types of bed rails on hand for customers will ensure that you get the cash sale, and that your customers don’t purchase elsewhere.

• Bed rails need to be sturdy and be able to be installed on any bed. Most bed rails slide between the mattress and box springs, and have either a safety strap that secures to the other side of the bed frame, or rails that extend deep under the bed with some sort of material to eliminate slippage. Both types make installation easy for the end user and still provide the support needed.

Bed rails for adults that are adjustable in length and/or height.

  • Surface Mount Bed Rail Brackets
  • Accessories for adult bed rails including covers and cup holders.

    When choosing bed rails to stock, other key concerns to consider include the ease of setup and installation on the bed; offering colors other than white that may be more aesthetically pleasing in the home; and possibly carrying a model that offers support legs that extend to the floor, which don’t necessarily provide more support, but give the user a sense of security when standing from the bed.

    Side is the ultimate bed side rail, combining maximum safety for the baby with an innovative look. Its aluminum frame is covered with brightly colored, removable and washable fabric. Side is unique, offering the same height along the entire rail. It can be folded, reducing its size considerably and comes with a travel bag, making it easily transportable.