For more about uploading large files to your IU Box account, see

The Black Box: All-New Cockpit Voice Recorder Accounts Of In-flight Accidents


Visit the for more specifics about UMD Box accounts.

Please note that creating a UMD Box account will share limited personal information (name and UMD email address) with members of the UMD community.

UMD Box accounts are hosted by Box and managed by UMD's Division of IT. All rights and responsibilities established in the apply to the UMD Box service.

Use your Shared M+Box Account to:

  • Box accounts available for faculty, staff
  • To access your UCLA Enterprise Box Accounts, follow the steps below:

    By default, notifications are on for a new M+Box account. However, for a shared account, this can be a nuisance since the notifications are sent to every member of the MCommunity group the account is based on, so shared accounts created after November, 2014 have all notifications turned off.

    A shared M+Box account uses an MCommunity group account to log in. You may use an existing MCommunity group account, however we recommend letting us set up a new group specifically for the shared account.