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The city of Carcassonne in southern France is famous for its unique Roman and medieval fortifications. The object of the Carcassone Game is to develop an area around the walls of the old city. As the tile-laying begins, followers are deployed to the fields and the surrounding areas, including the cloisters. Eventually, they explore the roads and nearby cities. With this medieval board game, your skills and those of your opponents will determine who is victorious. Everything you need to get started is in the box, including the River Expansion bonus tiles. This Carcassonne board game is a fun choice for a strategic challenge.

The game, ported to the device by TheCodingMonkeys and the suitably Germanic Hans im Glück (publishers of the actual Carcassonne board game), will also be available on the iPhone, but it's the iPad version that'll surely get the most attention, with it's shiny big board and it's hot-seat multiplayer (though the game will also support wi-fi, Bluetooth or online play, and the iPhone version will also have these features).

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    What does Carcassonne The River add?
    Carcassonne The River adds just 12 land tiles to the Carcassonne board game. The distinction however is that each of these 12 tiles have a river flowing through the rest of the terrain – through a field, next to a city, or under a road.

    The Carcassonne Board Game is a tile-laying board game where players develop a city by placing the tiles. It puts strategy and planning skills to the test. The area around the city becomes larger, with roads, fields, villages and more as the game continues. Plan strategically while using your followers in the area around the city and earn points for each follower you place. This tile board game can be played with two to five players. It is a fast-paced game, and one session takes about an hour to complete. Several Carcassonne game expansions are available (sold separately) to add to the possibilities and further enliven game play. As few as two and as many as five players can take part, and kids can play among themselves or with adults for family game night. This game is recommended for players ages 10 years and older.