Name: EdgeStick Ceramic Styling Comb

Scalpmaster Ceramic Styling Cutting Carbon Comb 8-1/2"

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Activated carbon powder or particles made of a ceramic honeycomb shape, which greatly improves the purification of water treatment and waste water treatment capacity, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, antibiotics, hormones, vitamins, nucleic acid injection, and a variety of injections, drugs such as dehydration decolorization impurities.

Ceramic honeycomb used in the catalyst advantage. Honeycomb ceramic materials using a unique coating materials, precious metals, rare earth and transition metal preparation, and thus has the advantages of high catalytic activity, good thermal stability, long life, high strength.

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The main products of the ceramic honeycomb regenerative filler, activated carbon, activated alumina, molecular sieves, porcelain balls, tower packing and catalyst of dozens of products. Honeycomb ceramic regenerator packing heat capacity of 1000J / (kgK) above, the use of temperature ≥ 1700 ° C, up to 40% fuel savings in the furnace, baking, soaking furnace, pyrolysis furnace, kiln, production increased by more than 15% of the flue gas temperature below 150 ° C.

I recently received an EdgeStick Ceramic Styling Comb from Family Affair Hair Care, the authorized US distributor, in the mail to review. The EdgeStick is a digital temperature controlled new age pressing comb (Up to 400F, 450F on the professional model) . It’s very light-weight and consists of a small barrel enclosed with comb teeth on both sides. So how did it perform?