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Regency Natural Ultra Fine 100% Cotton Cheesecloth 9sq.ft

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The next day, remove the cheesecloth, slice and serve.

There are other culinary uses for cheesecloth. As a straining cloth, it can be used to clarify stocks and soups. A piece can be stretched over a clean pot to catch the broth, while the solids in the stock will be left behind. Cheesecloth is also used to strain and press to produce the thick, Greek style. Some cooks use it to make sachets of herbs and spices to be cooked with soups and stews. It may also be used to wrap meats while they cure.

Whatever the use, cheesecloth will not usually transfer flavor, since cotton is neutral. It will also not fall apart when wet and stretched, although over time, the edges may begin to fray. Cooks who wish to reuse cheesecloth can wash it in very hot water and soap, and hang it to dry. It may not always be reusable, especially if it has been simmered in a fatty soup in the form of a sachet, or used to make a very pungent cheese. Around the house, the fabric is also great for drying glass and covering fruits and vegetables to prevent insect infestations.

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    We Sell in 60 – 100 yard increments (consult table). The cheesecloth comes, 36″ wide, white color, and are sold folded in boxes. Discounts on bulk cheesecloth are available

    Multi-purpose basic utility fabric from @fabricdotcom This absorbent, durable cheesecloth fabric (gauze-like cotton) is for cleaning and dusting, food preparation (straining), painting and staining, also for Halloween costumes (mummy fabric etc) and Halloween decorations!