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The feds on Thursday arrested a man in North Carolina who allegedly aspired to create an Islamic State sleeper cell in the U.S. and who authorities said was in close contact with a pair of Texas extremists who plotted an attack on the “Draw the Prophet Muhammad” cartoon contest in 2015.

Have you ever seen one of those really neat “word clouds” on another website and thought to yourself: Wouldn’t it be great to create an amazing word cloud on your own site? Of course you have – as everyone knows, those word clouds look awesome and when you seem them on another site you can’t help but think that site is doing something you are not.

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Outlines will also help you focus your research to only those topics relevant to the paper you hope to write or project you hope to produce.

Of course you need some background knowledge before you can create an outline. See EMPOWER-Starting Your Research to learn what resources to use for background information.

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The combination of techniques in Photoshop and Illustrator makes this effect easy to produce. Creating the pattern overlay entirely in Photoshop would be much more time consuming and difficult to produce accurately, but thanks to Illustrator’s shape editing tools it’s easy to quickly create a repeating pattern to simply paste into our working document. Where Photoshop really shines is its ability to merge colours and create vibrant effects with blending modes, which is what gives this abstract artwork that cool intense appearance.

In order to create an SQL query in Microsoft Access, an individual must start with the query wizard or the query design tool. Find out how to drag fields into a query that has been created with the query design tool with help from a computer programming teacher in this free video on Microsoft Access.