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As for anyone looking to buy this TV, I would NOT recommend it. Google "Emerson 32 inch TV problems" and you will see why. The consumer affairs site has hundreds and hundreds of complaints saying the same thing. The only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 is because there are some people out there who do get TV's that work, but this brand has a lot more lemons than ANY other I have ever seen."}">

We also bought the walmart black friday emerson 32 inch tv as a gift for my parents. It would not power on after 6 days use. We brought it back to the same store. They cannot and would not offer us a replacement tv. Also stated by management that they had some of these tvs come back for the same problem. We got our money back and went to sears for a new tv.

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My husband and I decided to buy a TV to put in our bedroom. We had looked at different brands of Televisions. We looked at Vizio, JBC, LG and Samsung televisions. In the end we decided on Emerson 32 inch LCD HD TV. Since our room is more on the small side, we wanted to get a TV larger than a small 19 inch but not so big that it takes up a lot of room. The Emerson 32 inch TV was large enough for the size of our room. My husband wanted a HD TV because if how clear the picture is compared to standard definition. He loves watching football in HD and he wanted to be able to watch the late games in bed if he wanted to. The picture of the Emerson LCD HDTV is crystal clear. The LCD HDTV also gives a great audio sound. This TV does great at streaming movies from our Roku box and PS3. We have had this television for five years now and it is still in great working condition. I am happy with our decision to purchase a Emerson 32 inch LCD HDTV.

We purchased an Emerson 32 inch TV on sale around Christmas time to use in a room we were remodeling. It remained in our closet in unopened box until recently. When we opened it up (note) - the box and contents were all still intact with plastic and Styrofoam. When we plugged it in, there appeared to be an 'internal' crack. Nothing on the outside was damaged, but inside looked like it was broken. Called customer service hoping to get it replaced. Was told that Emerson was not responsible for non-electronic damage. They weren't responsible for breaks or cracks. I tried to convince them that there were no 'cracks or breaks'; all damage appeared to be internal. The Styrofoam corners were still on the TV. TOO BAD. NOT THEIR PROBLEM. Will never purchase Emerson again.