EverStart Marine Battery 24M-625N

VMAXTANKS Vmax857 Tm AGM 12 Volt 35AH Group U1 Marine Deep Cycle Hi Battery for Boats and 18-35lb Minn Kota, Minnkota, Cobra, Sevylor and Other Trolling Motor

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EverStart batteries are made by Johnson Controls and sold at Walmart

EverStart marine batteries provide boats with energy in three ways: as lighting batteries to supply the onboard electrical system, as power-transmission batteries for an electrical outboard engine or as energy supplies for electrical boats.

Warranties offered through Wal-Mart range from none to a 108-month warranty. Wal-Mart offers a lineup of EverStart marine batteries with a two-year free replacement, 72-month prorated option and a three-year free replacement option with a 108-month prorated warranty. The most common offer is one year of free replacement with a 36-month prorated replacement. The warranties cover any battery within the approved period, but you must supply the original purchase receipt and warranty paperwork to receive appropriate warranty coverage. The majority of marine batteries last for one to two years. As of November 2010, Walmart offered free charging and testing on EverStart batteries at every location that houses a Tire and Lube Express (TLE).

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The EverStart marine battery, available at WalMart, is a wet-cell battery for starting. Dry and gel batteries do not have fill caps on the top of the battery. The wet-cell battery will die much faster than a deep-cycle battery if it is used for a trolling motor. On the other hand, the EverStart Maxx marine battery is a deep-cycle battery and is ideal for a trolling motor.

The most popular and largest EverStart marine battery is the Maxx 29. It has 875 cranking amps (tested at 32 degrees F and 80 degrees F) and 205 minutes reserve capacity (how long a new, fully charged battery can be continuously discharged, at 80 degrees F, at 25 amperes while maintaining a voltage equal to or higher than 1.75 volts per cell). As of 2010, it costs around $70 at WalMart.