Sei Pharmaceuticals Excellean Cla 1000

First: Thermobol is vitamins and Amino Acids with antioxidant effect

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Excellean Review: Does This Product Really Work?

Awesome Staff with Great Knowledge – Went in to find a good weight loss supplement. I visited other GNC's and health stores around town trying to get the best information on the best product for losing some pounds. I always seemed to be given the most expensive product right from the start at several of the locations I went to and the employees at these other stores didn't really know "WHY" it was the best just that it "worked." Well, it didn't. Several fails and retries, I came across the GNC on Murfreesboro Rd in Antioch (or maybe its Nashville). It's near the airport. Anyway, the manager there was VERY HELPFUL and actually listened to what I wanted. The products he showed me was perfect for me (7 Day Complete Body Cleanse and Excellean CLA 1000) and it has worked WONDERS! I think his name was Johnathon or John. Knowledge is POWER! Great experience!

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EXCELLEAN Natural CLA & GLA Weight Loss 90 Softgels

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