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The regulatory agency has recently been making a push to remove similar water expanding toys from the market. While no injuries have been associated with the Doodlebutt products, the CPSC indicates that it is aware of at least three incidents where similar water-absorbing polymer ball were ingested, including at least one death outside the United States.

A number of similar recalls have been issued for other water expanding toys, which have been sold by a number of different companies in various sizes and colors.

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Several years ago, pediatricians warned about the dangers of another expanding ball toy, called Water Balz, which can expand to be much larger in water, growing to be several inches in diameter. These toys were recalled after an 8-month-old infant swallowed one of the balls and it blocked her intestine.

Government safety officials announced yet another recall for water-absorbing toys that can expand substantially in size, indicating that similar products have caused serious and sometimes fatal injuries after they were swallowed by young children, often resulting in surgery to remove the expanded toy.