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Favorite items: travel-sized playard with bassinet, video monitor, fisher price ocean wonders bouncer, ocean wonders aquarium, boppy, sleepsack, baby gowns, zip-up pajamas, ergo carrier, cheap umbrella stroller, high chair that converts to booster.

Never used: swing, bulky high chair, bumbo, sling, stroller that came with the travel system, crib set (against SIDS recommendations), most of the outfits in small sizes, most of the cold weather gear.

When my first son was born, we received the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bouncer. At first I loved this product. I loved the aquarium themed print and I loved that the little toys spinned around in the water for the baby to look at.

When I had by twins (3 years later), I have come to the conclusion that I do not like this bouncer at all. First off, my twins are 6 months old now and when I put them in there, they often fall out of the bouncy seat even though they are belted in. Because there are no sides to the bouncer, they can just slide right off and because they are belted in, they are hanging half way in the chair and half way off. Because I have caught both of my twins like this at one time, I have stopped using this bouncy seat.

Another thing is that over the 3 years, all the water in the part that the babies look at, has evaporated. So I could no longer use this feature of the bouncy seat. I would not recommend this bouncy seat and would recommend on that has higher sides for safety...

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    Unfortunately, the vibrating motor makes a high-pitched noise and, when we received the bouncer, the liquid level was so low that the fish did not move. Though we contacted Fisher Price, we ended up repairing both aspects ourselves. Customer service was very friendly, but it would have taken 60 days for the replacement check to have been mailed to us; for us to then go out to a store to buy another model -- this particular model has been discontinued; hence, there are no replacement parts available. Also, we were told that Fisher Price thought the bouncer cost less than was paid on Amazon; in order to get our full amount paid, we would have to send a receipt, which was considerably inconvenient since this was a gift from our baby registry. We had thought we were unfortunate receiving a dud. However, we received a second Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium bouncer and had the same issues! Some WD-40 on the motor fixed the high-pitched noise. Adding water/glycerin to the top took a little more work and required a glue gun; however, it was fixable. There are several sets of instructions online; basically, take it apart, use a knife to remove the glue around the seal of a plug, remove the plug, fill with water/glycerin combination, use a glue gun to seal the plug back in place.

    We finally agreed on the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bouncer, which seemed to have it all - cool lights and sounds, vibration, removable toys, cushiony seat and, at $39.99, a comfortably mid-range price. A quick ZAP and we were on to the next argument - er, aisle.