* HDTV Minimum Performance Attributes:

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Claim: You bought an HDTV, so everything you view will be in HD
Status: False
Today, not everything on television is broadcast in high definition. DVDs and shows that were recorded for broadcast under the prior analog standard will continue to look about the same as before. (Some HDTV sets even make old shows look worse, by showing off more imperfections of the original recording.)

On the Xbox 360, if you're using the component connection, be sure to flip the switch on the cable to HDTV. Go to My Xbox, System Settings, Console Settings, Display, and choose HDTV Settings. Select the option that matches your TV's highest resolution.

: the most detailed HDTV image available from broadcast TV

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2015-2016 HDTV & 4K TV Buying Guide

But having said all that, I should warn you that you probably won't see any improvement in picture quality from 1080p versus 720p on a smaller HDTV. And you may not even have any 1080p sources to exploit: Over-the-air broadcasts and most cable feeds top out at 1080i.

Claim: If you don't buy a 1080p HDTV, you’re wasting your money
Status: False
In all likelihood, you want a 1080p HDTV — and you should be sure to get that resolution if your set has a diagonal screen size of 32 inches or greater, since you'll be able to see the additional resolution on a big-screen from across the room. Furthermore, there's no reason to avoid a 1080p HDTV if it doesn't cost substantially more than sets with alternative resolutions, given that . If the difference is within $100, I recommend going for a 1080p set if your budget can handle it.