Hearing aids and Bluetooth Technology

Walker Razor XV with Blue Tooth


Better Hearing Through Bluetooth

An article on (“Hearing Aids and Bluetooth Technology”) does a nice job of explaining how this all works, in non-tech speak. Basically, Bluetooth is a technology that allows 2 or more wireless devices to communicate with each other, via high frequency radio waves that transmit data without interference or security issues.

Thursday, April 1st 2010 Hearing aids and Bluetooth technology change the lives of those with hearing loss. Connectivity is easy and for everyone. It's nice to "hear" about another way Bluetooth technology is improving people's lives. Starkey Laboratories, one of the world's premier hearing technology companies Ten Things to Know About Hearing Aids. Posted by HearUSA on January 12, 2011 under Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss | 4 Comments to Read. 1. Modern technology brings us

It adopts high technology with Bluetooth headset ..

Traditional hearing aids can be too expensive for many people