What is a Hearing Aid Make Up Of – How Do Hearing Aids Work?

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How Do Hearing Aids Work? - Live Science

In this article, we'll find out exactly how hearing aids work, and learn about new technologies that are providing clearer, more natural sound for people with hearing loss. But first, let's look at what causes hearing loss.

All hearing aids work from batteries. Special elements which received the name air-zinc are used. Their distinctive feature is presence of micro apertures, micro holes. These apertures are covered by a special protective film. Until the film is pasted, the battery is not active. After a removal of a protective film, air goes through the apertures and makes a battery active.

Hearing Aids Work, but Only if You Do

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    It can be a very intimidating and expensive process and therefore the more you know the better. In this vein, let us try to shine a bit of light on how hearing aids work.

    iPhone and hearing aids generally work best together in "M" or Acoustic Coupling mode. To use your hearing aid in this mode, make sure that your hearing aid is set to "M," or Acoustic Coupling mode, and position the iPhone receiver near the hearing aid’s built-in microphone (or microphones). In other words, hold your iPhone against your head as you would naturally hold the phone when making a telephone call. The hearing aid will receive audio from the iPhone through its built-in microphones. For the best results, try using the iPhone in different positions relative to your hearing aid—for example, placing the receiver slightly above the ear may result in better performance for hearing aids with microphones positioned behind the ear. If you have an iPhone 4 (GSM model), activate Hearing Aid Mode (see below).