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Tripod Garden Ladders with built-in Platform by Henchman - 3.0m. All 3 Legs Fully Adjustable. by Henchman

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How have you been pruning your hedges and trees? Step ladders? DIY devices? Bouncing off the kids trampoline? Yes, that is a real example. Amazingly lightweight, remarkably stable; and designed specifically for safety working at height on uneven, soft and sloping terrain; the Henchman Tripod Ladder is fit for purpose and up to the challenge.

Henchman Platform Tripod Ladders are the same as the standard tripod ladders but have a deeper platform rung 3ft from the top of the ladder and a handrail at the top. As this would normally be the highest safest place to stand on a tripod ladder so you can still do everything that you can on a standard tripod ladder but in more comfort! They are ideal around the home and garden for a variety of tasks including decorating, cleaning windows and trimming trees and hedges.

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Our Henchman Tripod Gardening Ladders are fully loaded with a top standing platform (most just have small steps), 3 adjustable legs and gripping "claw like" feet making this ideal for use on all different types of terrain.
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Proud owner of a 3.6m fully adjustable Henchman Tripod ladder,

the kids trampoline? Yes, that is a real example. We’ve heard them all in our 21 years. The stories suggest it’s wise and very worth it, to do the sensible thing and choose something fit for purpose when working at height on challenging terrain, whether for horticultural or maintenance purposes. Amazingly lightweight, remarkably stable; and designed specifically for safe work at height on uneven and sloping terrain, the Henchman Tripod Ladder is up to the challenge

All of then Henchman platform tripod ladders come with a wide "Platform" step from which to work which safely supports the whole foot leaving the top 3ft of the ladder to lean against. This also allows you to tuck your knees in therefore increasing your stability and allows you to brace yourself against the inside of the verticals. This results in a comfortable, safe and secure stance from which to work on almost any type of garden terrain.