What does the Hover Ball look like?

Hover Ball - Green

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Below is a television commercial for Hover Ball.

The infomercial claims that the Hover Ball is sweeping the nation because it can hover over any surface and glide over it. It can hover over carpet, hardwood, and can be kicked around and will not scratch any surface. The secret is said to be the Super Slider technology, which keeps the ball going and going. It can slide under any surface and is good for indoor practice. It’s said your kid can increase your footwork by playing with the Hover Ball. Besides that, the Hover Ball can bounce off of any surface and not get stuck, so it’s free of frustration.

The Hover Ball is a soccer ball that looks like it’s been cut in half, but can be used both indoors and outdoors, for the same activities you would use a full-size soccer ball for. It slides smoothly along tile, carpet, and wood flooring, as well as the grass outside. Even as it bounces off walls, pieces of furniture and your home’s baseboards, it will not do any damage to the furniture, the walls, or the flooring, and it will stay intact itself. The ball can be used by anyone of any age, both alone or in a group.

Does It Really Work? The Hover Ball

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The Hover Ball is made with super slider technology that allows it to keep on sliding and sliding as you play, even as it goes around and under obstacles like chairs and couches. However, it can easily be stopped with a foot, if needed. The reason there is such a low risk of it causing damage in your home is that it is soft in nature. There are no batteries required to run this athletic toy—the only power you need will come from yourself.

There are quite a few uses for the Hover Ball. You can certainly use it to play a full soccer game, but if you feel like doing something more casual, you can try a simple contest to see how many goals each participant can score (you can also do this on your own). Any two objects can be used to create a goalpost, since the Hover Ball won’t damage them. The ball is also useful when you want to practice footwork, such as weaving around traffic cones. As mentioned, all of these activities can be done indoors or outdoors.