How does an infrared repeater work?

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Ram Electronics Infrared Extender Repeater Kit 92-160

Little did I know that there are different kinds of infrared repeaters, but Ionly found two types - wired, and wireless. The wireless units all use radio frequencyto pass the signal around. I'd rather not pollute the house and neighborhoodwith more RF than necessary, and I didn't want to be concerned with intermittentbehavior due to signals others might already be generating, so I knew already that I wanted a wired unit.

Remote Control Infrared Extender/ Infrared Repeater is a product which amplifies the IR signal of your appliances. By connecting this repeater to your appliances, you may be able to conceal your appliances such as in your TV console or cabinet.

There are 3 main parts in this IR Extender/ IR Repeater namely Infrared Emitter ( IR Emitter), Infrared Receiver ( IR Receiver ) & Infrared Transmitter.

The emitter is to be pasted on the IR point of your appliances while the receiver is placed in a position of which it communicate signal with your remote control. The IR transmitter box process signal received from the Receiver and generate signals out to Emitters which in turn to your Players/ Appliances.

Instructions for Nextronics Infrared Remote Repeater

  • Electronics In Other Rooms – Some set-ups, particularly with wall mounted flat panel TVs, feature electronics stored in a component closet or even another room.  Again, a properly insalled infrared repeater can control these electronics even in their hidden location.
  • IR Repeater (remote control extender) allows you to do just that

    In addition to being the ideal solution for controlling electronics behind wood doors, the infrared repeater is also the perfect choice for other scenarios:

    Absolutely. When properly installed as mentioned above our infrared repeater system is a very accurate and reliable way to operate hidden electronics. Really the only two questions we need to answer when you place your order is how many components you need to control and what type of TV you are using. By knowing how many components you would like to control we can ensure you will receive the proper number of infrared emitters. By knowing what type of TV you have we can ensure you choose the proper receiving eye (tear drop eye is optimized for use with flat panel TVs).