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During a Lawn Games event, teams of 10 players are presented with up to 10 “challenge stations.” Each station offers a different sporty, physical challenge. Teams compete head-to-head over the course of one to two hours. Think 'Field Day' with a creative twist. Players build towers out of spaghetti, rocket yoga balls high into the air, and play a host of more well-known classic lawn games.

After the rousing conclusion of the last challenge, the Game Producer declares the overall winners! We present a trophy, shower the victorious team with glory and award them bragging rights redeemable until next year’s Lawn Games!

We have to play lawn games, absolutely!

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Make your own homemade golf clubs from empty wrapping paper tubes with sturdy cardboard cut-outs for the golf club head. (If you’re looking for , convert the process of making outdoor lawn games, such as homemade golf clubs and miniature golf course, into your family’s craft project.)

Here’s an important safety tip: Don’t use real lawn darts or even regular inside darts (or anything with a sharp point, for any of your outdoor games, for that matter). Lawn darts were banned from sale in the US in 1988 because they were responsible for the deaths of 3 children. But, substitute “safety” darts or even a bean bag and you can still play these same outdoor lawn games. Played individually or in , darts are thrown at a target, such as a plastic ring, 35 (or so) feet away. Landing anywhere within the ring scores a point.