Neodymium iron boron lifting magnet

Lift Handle Magnet, 150 lb

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Armstrong LiftMag™ NL-B lifting magnet is manufactured and certified in accordance with ASME standard B30.20. NL-B series permanent lifting magnets using high energy Neodymium magnets are designed and made for holding, carrying and releasing flat or round ferrous parts without any electrical power supply. They attract ferrous parts by turning its handle counterclockwise to "On" position and release the parts at "Off" position. For more safety, a special device (Slide Pin) locks the handle at "On" position and keeps the lifter having lift power until operator unlocks it. Armstrong LiftMag™ has .

Magnetic lifters are designed to provide a lightweight, cost-effective means of transporting ferrous material. Lifters hold workloads securely without the need for slings, clamps, or other holding devices. Shackle and lifting lug included for easy attachment to a crane or overhead lifting device. Magnetic lifters utilize magnetic force to lift sheets of steel and other like materials with ease. Easy-to-use lever rotation activates and deactivates magnetic force.

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Note: Never stand under load being lifted. Always use extra caution. Only use magnetic lifts on material that does not flex or bend. The surface of the lift, and the load being lifted, need to be clean and free of chips, oil, slag, dirt, etc. Lifting magnets must be centered on load. Not recommended for painted or finish coated surfaces.

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