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Logitech Driving Force G920 Racing Wheel, Force Feedback Steering Wheel


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If you are a owner looking for a force feedback wheel and a comfortable racing seat, you’ve come to the right place. We offer the Logitech Driving Force GT wheel and the at a promotional price.

There are many and many steering wheels manufacturers offering wide ranges of models. But only one maker deserves talking about. . They made home racing simulations as good as the super expensive driving simulators. Models like , and allowed us all to know what driving a , or a super car is. Without having to be born a millionaire to have the chance to do it. They have always managed to top all the genre’s segments. And now they brought us a simpler more affordable and less hesitating steering solution. The wireless Logitech Driving Force.
Not the best option really, but its simple and clever design will satisfy all that middle level of sim racing enthusiast. The wheel is , well apart if the power cord, but still very maneuverable around the house. There is no pedals console so getting out for a will never be a hustle. Looks amazingly stylish and solid. Do understand me well, though. This wheel is only for semi realistic racing simulations. A step higher that driving with the standard controller. This is a coffee table wheel. Not a proper racing seat simulator one. There are no pedals. Driving position doesn’t really make a difference. You only use your hands and fingers to drive. A racing cockpit will be better for your back and shoulders, but come on! Whoever buys a simulator won’t be even thinking of getting a wireless wheel with no pedals. Not to mention that Logitech Driving Force Wireless doesn’t have clamps for fastening. It will only hold on that velcro strip that simulators like come with.

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    It is the Logitech Driving Force GT PlayStation 2/PlayStation 3 and PC steering wheel set - the official Gran Turismo 5 Prologue racing wheel. And it is still in production, due to the serious car racing game players' interest, despite of its late '07 release. This might as well be a mistake owing to the many results that instantly pop-up in your browser when searching for 'Logitech gaming wheels'. Currently and well-deservedly, the officially-certified Gran Turismo 5 racing wheel is the abovementioned steering wheel. Which joined by the transmission do make up an amazing set. But also higher-segmented, respectively more expensive one. On the contrary, does the Driving Force GT still rock and how suitable this well-built, classic, black and red PS3/PC racing wheel is as of present day? If mounted on a matching game seat (the pedal unit and overall clamping being its weakest point since day one), can it still compete in the upper-entry level segment of driving wheels? Considering its now more tempting than ever market price of about some £110-140 British pounds. Well, let's find out together. :)

    One of our all-time favorite toys for the PS2 is our Logitech Driving Force Pro wheel. It sports a list of high-tech features like its realistic 900-degree wheel rotation, force feedback technology, sequential stick shifter and wheel-mounted paddle shifters, and optical sensing for accurate steering control, but that's not why we love it. We love it because it's even more fun to use than it sounds.