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Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life)


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1993's Mi Vida Loca is Allison (ballsy hipster) Anders' second film. She was intrigued by the neighborhood gang kids, got their advice on the script, and even cast some (like Nélida López, pictured). Some say the film is authentic; .

In his gravel-soaked, sing-song voice, the words weren’t meant to send you running to your local church to light a candle, but instead to hope that one day, the man who dubbed himself “Mi Vida Loca” and had the words tattooed on his belly, would find peace.

Johnny Tapia wrote in his 2010 autobiography, Mi Vida Loca:

1 Sweetheart's Dance
2 Calico Plains
3 When You Walk In The Room
4 Spilled Perfume
5 They Don't Break'em Like They Used To
6 In Between Dances
7 Better Off Blue
8 Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life)
9 'Til All The Lonely's Gone
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A.L.T. The Saint - Mi Vida Loca

If you're an edgy beauty girl who has a flair for vibrant color, you need to get your hands on ($59) this . And if the product sounds familiar, it should — this set was inspired by a discontinued kit of Kat's called Mi Vida Loca. The tattoo artist asked her fans which of her past palettes should come back, and it was a unanimous vote for those colorful shadows. Kat took it one step further and created a bigger, remixed edition of the palette, which is what you see here.

Tapia and Teresa opened a gym after he retired from the ring, and anyone who spoke to him about life after boxing would agree that “Mi Vida Loca” appeared to have settled into “Mi Vida Tranquila.” Still, when the news of Tapia’s passing hit on Sunday night, the boxing community was saddened, yes, but not shocked. It seemed almost inevitable for things to end this way. The previous 45 years demanded it.