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With the rise in popularity of minibikes, some new forms and brands of bikes have evolved. One of the more popular types is the Mini Baja minibikes line. Mini Baja minibikes have actually been around for some time, going by various other names. The Baja line of products is made by Honda, a trusted name throughout the automotive and transportation industries.

Mini Baja minibikes share a lot of features with their larger cousin, the Honda Baja bike. Although the bikes have been made by various companies as of late, the Baja name is a trademark of Honda Motorsports. Baja bikes are characterized for their trail-rated capabilities. Baja bikes are recognizable because of their pair of fat tires. These offer added traction and are able to handle the toughest of terrain. Usually these tires are low-pressure and thick, so it takes a lot to have a blow out on a ride. Ride comfort is an important consideration for manufacturers and consumers alike. Generally, heavy-duty shocks are in place for increased usability and comfort for longer trail riders. Next, a high-quality saddle is in place. This is one of the few changes that Mini Baja minibikes owners may make to their bike, but the factory saddle is often of a high enough quality for most users. Night-riding is another concern for this breed of minibikers; visibility and safety for night-time are largely customized and tested. High powered, sometimes XENON, headlights are often in place. Extra fog lamps or brights are utilized for night-time off-roading.

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    Customization of Mini Baja minibikes is limited, since their functionality is one-channel; they are made for trail-riding and off-roading, not touring or racing. They do, however, have fairly large engines. Their looks don't vary much, just color combinations and choices; some have different saddles and other accents. It's obvious to choosers of Mini Baja minibikes that looks aren't the prevalent concern. These are found on farms, ranches, and in areas where terrain is rough. Both the larger bikes and Mini Baja minibikes offer a larger capacity for hauling and work-related riding.