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Only Clawdeen Wolf has yet to be paired perhaps 2012 will see the release of more Monster High boy dolls. The notorious boy character Heath Burns is always looking to charm the Monster girls. There was mention of him in -perhaps we will see a Heath Burns doll in future. Like the Monster High Ghoul, each of the boy dolls are also accompanied by their pets. Deuce Gorgon was first release in Series 1 accompany Cleo while Jason Jekyll was introduced in the Gloom Beach Series Claw Wolf arrived in Spring 2011 with the new look Draculaura Doll. The last Monster High Boy Doll is Gill Weber included in the Skull Shores Doll Series.

Although there are several boy characters featured in Monster High Webisodes - only five characters feature in the Doll collection. These five Monster High Boy Dolls Includes Deuce Gorgon, Jackson Jekyll, Holt Hyde, Clawd Wolf and Gil Weber. It seems each of these characters are the boyfriends of the Monster High ghouls. Ghoulia Yelps was spotted with fellow Zombie Slow Moe in the webisode Date of the Dead –but there are no signs of a Moe Doll.

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At the time I’m writing this there are 8 Monster High boy dolls on the market, with 3 more to be released in 2014. Some of the boy Monster High dolls are the most collectible and elusive to find. I know I’ve been looking for several at a reasonable price. So far I have 5 of the 8 but not in every release. I’ll keep searching. eBay and Amazon are the best places to find the discontinued boys.