How to create an online checkbook register using Excel 2010.

3 Pack Easy Read Transaction Checkbook Register 2016-2017-2018 Calendars

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The Online Check Register can replace your paper check register or check book. is superior to many check book sofware packages by making your check register available to you online. Because the Online Check Register is web based software and runs on the internet you don't have to worry about losing your financial data on your local PC or Mac computer.

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Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) houses the Online Check Register report. Online Check Registers are available the day after final cutoff at 10:00 am.
Access to the EDW is given by the ASTRA Authorizer for your department. A UW NetID and password are required.

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  • Click View Report. The most current online check register should appear.
  • checkoncile: Your checkbook register - online ..

    The Online Check Register should be compared with the ETR/PTR report from Time Reporting to ensure that employees have been paid correctly. It is important that this is done for hourly employees and for salaried employees that have any exception time, such as overtime.

    A cautionary note on online check registers (not an objection in principle) is that they may focus public attention on small, specific expenses, which are usually easy to understand, but do little to illuminate complex decisions that drive the bulk of every district’s total budget costs.