Movie Poster Frame with Quick Snap

MCS 65594 Original Poster Frame, 24 by 36-Inch, Black, 2-Pack

Too low to display

Wall mountable Poster Frame to hold an 11 x 17” poster.

Wood Poster Frames are made from various types of woods. These frames tend to be finished so that the wood grain is visible or gilded with gold or silver leaf. They are medium heavy in weight

Lightweight Poster Frames are made from plastic or extruded polystyrene. These frames are considerably lighter than their wood or metal counterparts. They are ideal for framing larger works that were completed on heavy substrates, such as wooden panels or hardboard, where additional weight added by the frame could be detrimental or cumbersome.

Movie Poster Frame Size:28.75"W X 41.75"H X .75"D 1.25" Border

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Quickly change your posters by sliding the moldings off, lifting the lens, inserting your poster and sliding the moldings back on. The whole process takes less than a minute. Hang the discount poster frame vertically as a 27" wide x 41" high frame or horizontally as a 41" wide x 27" high frame using the (2) pre-mounted hanging hooks.

Poster Frames are available in larger sizes to accommodate standard sized posters and larger artworks. Usually an inexpensive option, these frames tend to be made of plastic with acetate or acrylic glazing materials. This helps to keep the weight of the framed piece lighter and less likely to break if knocked off the wall.