Reliable Push Mower with Side Discharge

GreenWorks 25052 16-Inch Reel Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher


Push lawn mower is your essential tool in maintaining the lawn level.

While traditional push mowers can be a good choice for lawns up to 1/3 acre, if you have a larger yard, hilly terrain or want to mow with less effort, consider a self-propelled mower. There are three types to choose from:

As an alternative to a standard push mower, look for outdoor equipment that has flexibility to handle mowing and other jobs around the landscape and throughout the season. These systems reduce storage and maintenance requirements by using one engine and multiple, optional attachments — such as a mower deck, a pressure washer, a leaf blower and a snow blower.

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  • Corded Electric Push Lawn Mowers
  • Cordless Electric Push Lawn Mowers
  • Gas Push Lawn Mowers
  • Reel Lawn Mowers

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The size of your lawn is a factor in choosing a push mower that's right for you, but also consider slopes and obstacles, such as trees and flower beds. If your lawn is larger than 1/2 acre, you might want to think about choosing a riding mower. Take a look at Lowe's to see what's available.

Electric push mowers are effective for relatively flat lawns measuring 1/3 acre of less. They start with the flip of a switch and are quieter and run cleaner than gas push mowers.