DIY bookshelf from old Radio Flyer wagon

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Radio Flyer Ranger Wagon is a full-sized classic wagon that has a heavy duty seat back for children to rest on. It also has a strap harness to hold them in safely. This wagon features a controlled turning radius to prevent tipping. Its extra large handle makes pulling the wagon easy. There isa seatback and adjustable safety seat belts to make the ride more enjoyable.

Kierren Schulte, the bride’s cousin, dressed in a white sundress with purple roses and a jean jacket, carried her flower girl basket down the gravel aisle along with JT Anseth, ring bearer and friend of the couple. JT pulled the bride’s Radio Flyer Wagon with an oversized bear down the aisle. They joined the wedding party on the trailer and sat to the side on a straw bale.

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Radio Flyer Wagon
Debut Series 1996 First Editions
Produced 1996 - Present
Designer Dave Weise

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Why You'll Love It: Radio Flyer Ranger Wagon is a timeless classic for both children and adults.

Age: 18 months to 10 years


His trinkets are red — and only red. They include paper clips stashed in a miniature Radio Flyer wagon and peanut M&Ms in a bowl on a small meeting table placed near the door for impromptu meetings. On a nearby leather sofa sits a 7-year-old rainbow plush toy, which Pasin says gives employees "something they can hold" when he has to deliver bad news.