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Releev 1 Day Cold Sore Treatment 6ML

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One great advantage that Releev espouses is that:

I've been getting cold sores on my face for over 20 years. They're huge, unsightly and always on plain view for the world to see. I'm on a suppressive dose of Acyclovir, which didn't work this time around. I woke up (as usual) with some tingly/itchiness and discovered a bump. Immediately took my super dose of meds and used abreva. Went about my morning and the blisters blew up in their huge way, and many of them. On my chin. So, I went to go fill my prescription for a new dose and discovered Releev. THANK YOU RELEEV!! Typical course of cold sore with abreva? A good 10 days, with hiding at home and scab drying and splitting and bleeding. This course with Releev? 5-6 days. I feel that if I had had Releev on the on-set of the blisters, it would've made all the difference. But, even using it after they blew-up, it still cut the time in half, without the cracking and bleeding. Good-bye Abreva, hello Releev!! I would highly recommend having it on hand. Pricey, but effective.

Ok, I'm always a serious skeptic about products that seem to have mostly positive reviews, but this stuff does actually work better than anything else I've tried for cold sores. I had an outbreak that after several days (and trying every other product/supplement/herb) did not seem to be clearing up. After using Releev 4 or 5 times a day for two days it was completely cleared. I will now keep this in the cabinet for any future outbreaks.

Abreva, fast relief and treatment for cold sores.

  • Effective Relief for All Types of Skin Trauma
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    Adult and children 2 years of age and older. Intended as a 1 day cold sore symptom treatment, apply Releev to clean dry affected area 3-4 times throughout the day by dabbing and pressing solution into area well.

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