ShoreTel Small Business Edition

ShoreTel Small Business Edition

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HUTAIB Presents ShoreTel Connect Small Business Edition, Dubai

This Hands-On course provides in-depth coverage on the ShoreTel Small Business Edition (SBE), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system, which integrates voice and data transmission.

ShoreTel Small Business Edition (SBE) was created to help empower small business owners with productivity-boosting UC (Unified Communications) applications, while delivering exceptional ease of management and low total cost of ownership. Most standard functions, such as adding or changing phones, and moving users, can be done by anyone with basic IT knowledge and skills.

announced the availability of the shoretel small business edition 100

  1. Unified Messaging – ShoreTel’s Small Business Edition ensures that all your messages are in a convenient and central location. ShoreTel integrates with Outlook so all of your emails, faxes and voicemails end up in one location.
  2. Conferencing Up To 6 Users – Conference calls are a daily part of business today. With ShoreTel Small Business Edition you will be able to conference call with up to 6 users right away. You can then upgrade to as many as you need at anytime.
  3. Click-to-Call – Just like your smart phone, your Small Business addition VoIP phone system has a click to call function. This function is a form of web-based communication where you click an object such as a button, image or text to place a phone call.
  4. Basic Contact Center – Your VoIP phone system can be organized into a basic contact center operation so no calls will go unanswered throughout the day.
  5. Extension Assignment and Simultaneous Ringing – Now you will never not hear the phone ring. Extension assignment and simultaneous ringing will allow you to connect multiple communication devices together to make and receive calls.
  6. Mobility – Like with extension assignment and simultaneous ringing, you are able to connect your mobile devices to your phone system. This allows you  to receive and place business calls and access your network from any location.

Small Business Edition 100 | ShoreTel

ShoreTel has introduced the ShoreTel Small Business Edition 100 (SBE 100), a unified communications solution tailored to meet the needs of small businesses yet still providing the benefits and functionality that are usually only available to large enterprises. IPC is pleased to be able to offer this new solution to its customers.

As a growing small business, especially in Houston, you know how important it is to keep up with the competition in terms of productivity and efficiency. That’s why ShoreTel recently upped the ante by releasing it’s ShoreTel Small Business Edition 100 – a VoIP phone system featuring the unified communications bells and whistles that increase productivity, all at a discounted price that is affordable for small businesses.