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Official Celio Corp Listing. The Redfly Smartphone Terminal Is a Terminal for Windows Mobile Phones. Easily Use Your Smartphone Email, Attachments, Web Browser and Remote Access. Connects Via Bluetooth or USB (Charges Most Phones), 8 Hour Battery.

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Smartphone-based terminals | 2016-08-11 | Food Engineering

So what makes these handy little devices different to a normal credit and debit card machine? The most obvious answer is price but there is so much more! Besides being a more cost effective platform for small businesses to accept card payments, smartphone terminals are slowly but surely revolutionising the way businesses accept payments.

Das „Multifunktionale Smartphone Terminal“ von Continental lädt das Smartphone drahtlos auf, sorgt für die Anbindung an Bluetooth und NFC und koppelt das Telefon drahtlos (induktiv) an eine Außenantenne an.

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    There are a few things that you should be mindful of when looking at getting a smartphone terminal for your business. Here are the most important questions to ask:

    A smartphone transformed into a notebook is a new innovation on mobile computing market, and it is pretty useful for people who want to have an intelligent phone and a notebook in the same package. Celio is one of the first products of this kind, and it is available only for Windows Mobile devices. A Celio executive declared that by the end of the year BlackBerry support might be added, and this comment is a strong argument for adding a BlackBerry driver the features supported by this device. This company will also add support for phones working on Google Android OS, and they presented a "concept" for this kind of drivers at the CES tradeshow this year.

    At a glance, this device looks like a smaller notebook, somehow a mini notebook, but it works very differently. It is actually an accessory for a smartphone (interesting) and it can't work as a stand-alone computer. When Redfly is connected to a smartphone, all the applications on the phone are displayed on the 800x480 screen, without modifications or synchronizations. The user can interact with the application through a large keyboard, a trackpad or a mouse.

    For Redfly, there are two versions: the less expensive one, C7, has a 7'' display and the weight is under 1.5 lbs, and Redfly C8N, with an 8'' screen and a multimedia port, which offers connectivity with an iPod, iPhone, Zune or digital cameras. Redly C7 costs only $230, and I think it is a good price for what it does.

    The "smartphone terminal" description suggests that this is a small notebook PC but it is clear that it has no capabilities on its own. It works with a growing list of supported Windows Mobile smartphones, and it offers cool features, like connectivity, and it is great because this connectivity can be established either via a cable or wirelessly. the design is nice, it has a rubbery plum coating, and it has a cramped keyboard, which is somehow a disadvantage. The trackpad is short but wide, and it is usable for the range of features available on this smartphone terminal.

    The idea of a small and inexpensive notebook lit some bulbs in major PC manufacturers like those who sell Linux and Windows based notebooks, which generally start at $499 or less. These smartphone terminals are migrating also toward 10'' screens, like the Foleo promoted product, which also has a better keyboard.

    The smartphone terminal is pretty easy to use. After you download a video driver, which supports the Windows Mobile smartphones, the REDFLY connects to the phone via a cable, and after this you can set it up to work via wireless connection. You have the USB and Bluetooth choices for connecting the smartphone to the terminal, and almost all applications which are available on phones will accept usage from the Redfly trackpad and keyboard. Not all the applications are created equal, so some of them might not work.