Lever controlled suction cup mount

Cobra Windshield Mounting Bracket with 3 Clear Suction Cups

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This video is for the original Suction Cup Mount. Notice how the lever is in the vertical position once the mount is locked into place. We no longer sell this version of the Suction Cup Mount, but check it out if it looks like the version you have.

If you’re looking to mount your to a flat surface like a car windscreen, surfboard, jet ski, or kayak, there are several different options for suction cup mounts depending on your needs. Here are some of the best.

GoPro Suction Cup Mount Black AUCMT-302 - Best Buy

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Remote control light with wired, handheld remote controlUV and weather resistant housing500,000 Candlepower spotlight facing one directionCathode ray tube flood light facing the other direction350 degree rotation, 170 degree upward tilt, 10 degree downward tiltStainless hardwareLever controlled suction cup mountApproximately 10 inches tall - 7 inches diameter10 foot cord with handheld remote control and cigarette plug

This is the official Suction Mount. On the plus side, it’s light, has a slim profile, and comes with a dedicated GoPro fitting. On the negative side, its hinges each works only on one plane, so of you need to adjust the angle by rotating, you have to undo the suction and reattach it. And while it locks well, it feels a bit cheap and plasticky. It doesn’t like repeated uses in salt water–the few metal parts on the mount corrode after a while. I use this suction mount when I need a quick and easy solution.