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This comic cover, drawn by comic artist Neal Adams, is the 223rd issue of the Superman comic. It marks the transition into a more modern depiction of Superman. This sticker is perfect for a cozy den, library room, or bedroom. Pair this comic cover sticker with early walls stickers, or with more modern Superman walls stickers to show a passage of comic artwork through time and celebrate your favorite superhero.

This comic book cover is iconic of the first superhero to ever have his own, self-titled comic book! This sticker is a print of Superman’s creator, Joe Schuster’s artwork. It’s the perfect wall sticker for comic book enthusiasts and classic comic art. Pair this sticker with any of the other old school Superman comic cover stickers, or you can even arrange them with more modern Superman wall stickers for a super trip through time.

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    Our RoomMates Superman wall decals (also known as wall stickers or wall appliques) are repositionable, removable, re-usable, and washable... a parent's dream combination for kids' wall decorations. Whether you are transforming bedroom, playroom, or even classroom walls, our peel and stick Superman wall stickers offer decorating ease with no damage or residue to the surface when removed.