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hello, can someone help?
to "SurfWax" with pine resin, how do I melt the resin?
I've tried but resin is kind sweet Spanish
does not mix with the wax.
how should I do?

Hey guys,

I made the organic surf wax (i live on east coast of australia) and made it 3 parts beeswax and one part coconut oil and it didn't stick to my board when i tried to wax it on and as a result in the water, it turned out too oily....should i add one more portion of beeswax...? Sorry to ask, i just don't know where the hell to get the tree resin from...without tapping into our heritage pine trees.

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Okay so what is there to know about surf wax?

With surf wax being so cheap we don't know why anyone would like to make it themselves, but it is a question that has been asked over again. We've got two different recipes for you to try out. Be careful with this tutorial as it can get a little messy.

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