EZ-Cool terry cloth sweatband with snap closure.

12 Sweatbands Cotton Sports Headbands Terry Cloth Moisture Wicking Athletic Basketball Headband by Kenz Laurenz (12 Pack) (Blue 12 Pack)

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When designing our terry cloth cotton sweatbands, we put ourselves in the shoes of both professional athletes and hobbyist, who still have a great passion for running, cycling and other sports. We asked two questions: What would these athletes want in a sweatband and are there currently products on the market that are fulfilling these needs?

Anyway, I’ve decided that the terry cloth sweatbands that I once dismissed as completely dorky are in fact quite effective and essential to my triathlon training that I just ramped back up as best a busy mother of two small children can. (Keep reading to find out how you can win a free one-event entry. I will eventually get to that.) I participated in my first indoor triathlon series last year and had a blast, so the plan is to participate again. And I decided that handmade sweatbands are key because the simple act of putting one one sends a signal to everyone else at the gym that you plan to do some serious sweating. Or, it can also mean you just arrived in a time machine from the year 1980.

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Hardhats are great at protecting your head from unpleasant impacts, but they aren't always built for comfort. That's why ORR Safety's terry cloth sweatbands have been scientifically designed to provide soft padding and moisture absorption. These sweatbands can also be soaked in cold water before being worn to provide extra heat stress prevention while working outside in the sweltering summer months. Terry cloth sweat bands install easily by snapping into the suspension of caps or hats and terry cloth sweat bands are designed to fit almost any size hardhat. Manufactured with your convenience in mind, terry cloth sweat bands are also machine-washable after a hot, hard day's work. We recommend buying two or three so you always have a fresh, clean sweat band in rotation. If you have friends or family working long hours outside out in the sun, terry cloth sweatbands make a thoughtful gift, too.

There are two types of goalie sweatbands – traditional terry cotton cloth sweatbands and Sham sweatbands. The traditional cloth sweatbands are a little thinner in profile and soak up water and sweat. The Shammy sweat bands are a little bit thicker but softer in profile. These soak up water and sweat but an added advantage of the shammy sweatbands is that you can squeeze these when they are wet and ring our a lot of the moisture.