Are the Tide Pods Right for You?

Tide Pods He Turbo Laundry Detergent Packs, Spring Meadow, 81 Count

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Tide Pods TV Spot, 'Small but Powerful' Featuring Cole Beasley

Tide Pods are available wherever laundry detergent is sold. I've seen them cropping up at all the grocery stores, pharmacies, and discount stores I've been to. Tide Pods are available in small (14-18 loads) and medium (31-40 loads) bags. They are also available in large (up to 66 loads), extra large (up to 77 loads) and extra extra large (up to 90 loads) plastic tubs. There are three available scents, spring meadow, ocean mist, and mystic forest. The price for Tide Pods ranges from about 5.99 for a small bag to 24.99 for an extra extra large tub.

One of the issues consumers may have with Tide Pods is that a separate stain remover may be necessary at times. Although the Tide Pods did a good job with the laundry I could definitely see the need for a separate stain pre-treater for at least some clothes. But this isn't different than what we're all used to with laundry anyway. I've never pre-treated clothes and then left out the laundry detergent. You can still have a separate for clothes that might need more of a boost than a regular dose of laundry detergent.

Tide Pods TV Spot, 'Small but Powerful' Featuring Simone Biles

  • Get Multi: Tide Pods’ new, patented three chamber design helps to separate such ingredients as hard water modifiers, stain fighters, perfume and whitener so that they remain stable and potent and mix only in wash water. This allows the Tide Pods to deliver a deep-down clean in a range of conditions.
  • Tide Pods Free and Gentle TV Spot, 'Gentle'

    DIY Birdhouse - Use a Tide Pods container and cutout on the circle where it says "Tide" and paint it if u like! You can also add duck tape where the words are so it would look better! I wonder if the birds will like it!

    The appearance of the Tide Pods is actually really beautiful, it is however a concern for those with small children. These things almost look like candy. Even my husband wanted to play around with the pod and talked about how cool it was. Like with any laundry detergent, it should be kept away from kids. It might even be a good idea to show these to your kids and explain that if they are ruptured they could squirt into an eye, have contact with skin, etc. As the mother of a child who once ate a glass Christmas ornament that looked like candy, I realize that these products appeal to kids (and husbands).