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Toothpick Stand - Night Sky Jerusalem View
By: Yair Emanuel

Product Description
This special toothpick stand gives you an interesting way to end your festive meal.
The design features the gorgeous views of the holy city of Jerusalem. The toothpick stand is hand-painted with lively and pleasant colors. As this piece of art is covered with layers of lacquer, it is entirely functional and waterproof and may be hand washed.
This Toothpick stand is your perfect gift for a new home and Jewish holidays, as well as for yourself to add some excitement and decor to your kitchen.
Toothpicks are included.
Size: 4in x 6in

This toothpick stand is made of wood and is hand painted with a beautiful pomegranate design. The beautiful kitchen accessory comes with toothpicks.

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    This toothpick stand comes from the Yair Emanuel Jewish art collection. Emanuel is known for his use of vivid colors and his animated designs. This stand is no exception, as it is brightly colored with an exquisite scene of the holy city of Jerusalem. The stand is wooden and hand painted. The artist went through the effort of making sure each stand has been lacquered in order to be water proof. The stand will look beautiful on any table.
    This Yair Emanuel toothpick stand makes for an excellent Hanukkah or housewarming gift.

    This Yair Emanuel creation has an exquisite pomegranate painting on a blue base. The wooden toothpick container has been hand painted and lacquered with multiple coats to ensure that it is waterproof. The vibrant colored holder stands out on any table but is calm enough to match the home décor. This toothpick table accessory comes from the Yair Emanuel Judaica art collection.
    This toothpick stand by Yair Emanuel serves as the perfect holiday gift.