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Ultrasound is used for cleaning venetian blinds - seems to work on teeth too. Not aware of any side-effects when using the Ultrasonex Phaser Toothbrush over a long period of time, but I would like to know if there are any…

The Ultrasonex Phaser Toothbrush is the best toothbrush ive ever used..my teeth look great and ive had no cavities since ive been using ultrasonic for about three years....the only complaint is im in america and have been searching the net for 2 days and can only find brush heads abroad....anyone know where a california girl can get replacement heads for this "fab toothbrush"??…

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Ultrasonex Phaser Toothbrush

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Extremely disappointed that the replacement brushheads for Ultrasonex Phaser toothbrushes are becoming as rare as a strong economy. Bought this in November 2002 on HSN and still going strong, but..WANT MORE BRUSH HEADS!!!!! This brush does a really terrific job, far better than Sonicare, and..I have 10 years experience in the dental industry. I do my own hand scaling at home, but...this brush makes my "cleaning" as complete as going to the dentist. Floss, scale and use this brush and you'll be…

The Ultrasonex Single Phaser toothbrush comes with a charging stand and three extra heads. Heads are currently £12.99 for three at Boots, so it's worth bearing in mind when comparing toothbrush prices. I've had a cheaper toothbrush, but it came with no extra heads, so the cost starts to build up a few months later when you need to start buying heads.

If you've never used a sonic toothbrush before it can feel really weird and it can take a bit of getting used to. It's got two speeds, so you can start off at the lower speed until you get used to it. It has high frequency ultrasound wave vibrations which are supposed to whiten teeth, remove stains and help reduce plaque. It's also meant to promote healthier gums. It has a three minute timer, with 30 second interval stops to prompt you to move to a different area of your mouth, so that you make sure each area gets equal amounts of brushing.

It really gets your teeth clean and gives them that just polished feeling you get after going to the dentist.
As a black coffee and red wine drinker, I find it does help reduce stains.
It will hold enough charge to last a week if you take it away on holiday without the charger.

The first one I had lasted about three years, but then the rechargable battery had almost had it so I bought a new one. After 11 months that one cracked so I took it back to Argos under guarantee. The next one cracked after a couple of months. And so did the one after that, but Argos didn't stock them any more, so I got my money back and bought one from an Amazon dealer. That cracked within a month. I sent that back to Ultrasonex and got a replacement, and that's been fine for the last five months. You might wonder why I keep persisting with this toothbrush when the casing keeps cracking, but it's because it's such a good effective toothbrush. Also my husband has had his for about two years with no problems, and the first one I had lasted three years without cracking. I suspect there has been a batch of poor quality plastic that has caused some to crack and not others.