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VBR133 Using the Pandora App 4. Use the Arrow buttons to highlight the movie you want to watch, then press SELECT. Pandora is a personalized internet-based radio service that is designed to help The Movie Details screen is displayed. you discover new music while you listen to music you already know and enjoy.

VBR133 Using VUDU to Watch a Movie 3. Highlight Free HD Rental and press SELECT. VUDU offers thousands of HD-quality movies and TV programs. Before you begin: • Ensure your player is connected to your home network and to the internet. • Ensure you have a valid VUDU account. To watch a movie or program on VUDU: 1.

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    VBR133 Logging Into Your Pandora Account Listening to Music Using Pandora If you already have a Pandora account, you can sign in and listen to your Log into Pandora. At the Station List screen, you are presented with several personalized stations.

    VBR133 Restoring the Player’s Factory Defaults Adjusting the Network Settings This setting allows you to restore menu and Internet App options to their factory defaults. In order to access BD-Live or Internet Apps, your player must be connected to your home network and to the internet.