New and Used Video Games and Consoles

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Types of video games in relation to publisher

Obviously a Rolling Video Games party would be the ultimate party for a group to have fun together at birthdays, events and festivals – but we want to take it a step further here at the station and rent out the gaming truck on a regular basis and put together community gaming tournaments complete with cash and prizes! So stay tuned for those coming soon!

I had the privilege of testing out this awesome addition to Texoma when Game Coach and owner, Joshua Harris, invited me to the Rolling Video Games of Texoma soft opening debut party. I can tell you first hand that this truly is a thing of beauty! When I sat down to play a massive 16-person game of Halo, the first thing I noticed was the amazing sound system and the vibrating seats – they actually startled me at first – but the combination of supreme sound, game-synced vibrations and a 55″ high-def TV made for an absolutely amazing gaming experience. And did I mention that the game consoles are all linked up to each other so all 16 of us could play the same game? I did? Well it’s worth mentioning again, because I don’t know of any where in at least a 100 mile radius that can offer that.


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    Video games are a childhood and household staple in the United States. With more gamers come more gaming titles and bigger development budgets. In fact, many mainstream video games boast production values of over $20 million. Video games are a thriving industry in the US economy, and for many international students who feel passionate about their video gaming experiences the decision to study video game development as a career is becoming increasingly popular. However, before diving in and pursuing a degree in video game development, international students who want a career creating video games should ask important questions like “What is video game development?” to discern the particular facet of video game creation in which they want to take part in.

    So what exactly is a mobile video game theater? In a nutshell, it’s a gamer’s dream come true. Six 55″ widescreen high-def flat screen TVs, custom stadium seats with built-in vibration motors synced up to the on-screen action, surround sound speakers, all the newest games from Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox all in a cozy climate controlled trailer that comes to you.