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Running Ethernet cables is a pain, but with that method you’d avoid the potential speed drop-off with a wireless extender. Cheap extenders like are almost all terrible, since they are single-band and have no way to avoid the performance penalty. Dual-band extenders are superior. Some give you an option right in their settings menu to connect to the router on one band and output a Wi-Fi network on the other band; with other models, it’s a bit more work.

If parts of your home or apartment don’t get a good Wi-Fi signal, a wireless extender can offer a boost. The extender connects to your existing Wi-Fi at a location that does get a good connection and then rebroadcasts its own signal(s), extending your Wi-Fi bubble beyond your router’s range. It represents an easy solution to a common problem, but it isn’t the first thing you should try: Because an extender uses Wi-Fi to communicate with both your router your devices, you can experience a significant speed drop if the extender talks to your devices on the same band it uses to talk to the router, and not every extender makes avoiding this issue easy—or possible.

AT&T MicroCell Wireless Network Extender

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The is the best wireless extender for most people because it offers incredible performance at long range and supports the fastest wireless speeds of most devices you’re likely to own, even if you have a MacBook Pro. It was the only extender that hit triple-digit speeds on our easier long-range 5GHz test, and its long-range 2.4GHz performance was better than that of everything else we tested. This model is simple to set up, and it has a few useful features within its easy-to-navigate user interface.

Many people feel like they are stuck with the unit currently installed in their home. Often it isn't economically feasible to run new wires to install a product, or you may have a beautiful system that you just don't want to part with. Perhaps your current chime just isn't loud enough. Whatever your problem is, the wireless extender is the solution!