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Always?: Comparing WM to a WM Supercenter - Truck and Barter

WM supercenter #3511 Hayden ID. The following three fraudulent charges appeared on my Visa statement = $69.30, 78.77 & $66.73. Called Visa to "Kill" my card!

WM supercenter #2769 charge of $244.17 (my remaining balance) was charged today. The store is located in San Antonio TX. And since I live at Fort Bragg NC and was training in a northern state the past 2 weeks, I don't think it was me. Also I haven't been to Texas in over 15 years. There is also a $3.50 Coca Cola Austin TX charge. (yes spelled as such). I think that may have been a test charge.

Comparing WM to a WM Supercenter

  • What is WM SUPERCENTER credit card charge

    july 19 2014 my credit card was stolen and the person who stole it used it 3 times wm supercenter store number #2098 rang up $64.80,and again at a wall-wart stores,inc spend $75.60 and again at wal mart inc spend $187.08 I stop the card and there is a police report

    I agree that a moratorium is not a final decision, legally. But the moratorium, if passed, will indicate which coalition -- yours or WM's -- has enough political control to effectively determine whether or not a WM Supercenter will be built in Woodland Park.