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The Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless controller retails for $50--that is, $10 more than the . It's currently available in only one color, and it accepts two AA batteries or a more environmentally friendly . The controller should last from 15 to 20 hours between recharging or replacing the battery.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

Microsoft's first venture into the console business with the Xbox was a learning experience for the company, and there's no greater evidence than the evolution of the system's controller. The original Xbox controller was an oversize mess, with oddly shaped and placed buttons. Roughly halfway through the console's run, the original controller was replaced with the Controller S, the smaller alternative created for the Japanese launch. Heralded as one of the best controllers ever created, Xbox fans wondered how Microsoft could improve upon its design as it set out to create the official wireless controller for the Xbox 360. Here's the answer.

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Connectivity Technology Wireless
Product Name Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
Force Feedback Yes
manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
Buttons & Controls 8-way D-pad; Thumb Stick; 2 x Trigger; Guide Button
Operating Range 30 ft
brand name Microsoft
Total Number of Audio Out Ports 1
Platform Supported Xbox 360
color black
warranty length 90-day limited

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller - Sears

The Xbox 360 Wireless Controller borrows many design elements from the Controller S. The left and right analog sticks and triggers, the control pad, and the face buttons are all in the same spots, constructed rather similarly. The start and Back buttons have been moved to the center, flanking the new guide button, which can turn on the system remotely and allows access to your gamer card at any time. Removed from the older controller are the black and white buttons, which were awkwardly placed below the face buttons. Taking their place are the left and right bumpers, which make their home on the top of the controller in front of the triggers. Atop the controller is a small white sync button that, for the first time, allows your controller to communicate with a Xbox 360 console. The slight changes have resulted in a nearly perfect design; not only is the controller great for Xbox 360 games, but you may just prefer the new layout for the Xbox1 titles, as the bumpers are better located than the black and white buttons.

The Xbox 360 wireless controller is about as standard as it comes. What makes it an incredible buy, however, is the packed in charge kit. While most wireless controllers require the use of lots of AA batteries, this one comes with a built-in battery pack that can be charged with the provided cable, making the controller wired or wireless depending on your needs. It also features a rotating d-pad for precise directional button pressing, a step up from the original wobbly Xbox 360 d-pad.