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Microsoft’s Xbox One has been launched and many players have already finished most of the launch titles. The console has many exclusive and multiplatform games and all of the games are enjoyable. Microsoft has made great efforts to enrich the gaming experience on Xbox One with console exclusives. Below is the list of best Xbox One games yet

Microsoft eventually realized that Xbox One should be a gaming console first, TV and other media features come later. The manufacturer started to boast games for Xbox One and it managed to prove that Xbox One has the best games. Xbox One was released with a strong launch lineup, containing almost all the basic types of games. Here are some best Xbox One games so far with short reviews.

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If you live inside the universe, this is a great app. It will let you customize your avatar, post status updates, and browse the Xbox LIVE catalog of games. While you can't download and play Xbox LIVE games, you can download and play games for Windows 8.

Xbox LIVE Games is more of a manager for your Xbox LIVE social network than it is for downloading and playing . Although Xbox LIVE Games won't let you play Xbox LIVE games, you are able to link your Windows 8 device with your Xbox console to send over game pages you see within the Xbox LIVE Games app.