Zipper Type : metal zipper pulls

BCP Pack of 10pcs Black Color Zipper Pulls Fits/zipper Fixer

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Easy-grip zipper pulls make it a cinch to open and close purses ..

We are proud to make our custom zipper pulls ® in the USA. We are an American Made Matters partner, and use only American made parts, machines, and labor.

These are chosen specifically to provide you a collection of quality zippers with a selection of various zipper pulls to choose from. Have fun choosing your zippers, more colours are on the way!

Zipquix Zipper Pulls Feb 23, 2010

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    Our zipper pulls ® are printed using the most innovative digital press technology available. We are consistently rated as the best print quality in the industry.

    Zipper pulls are very diverse in design and can be used on a number of products. Utility packaging, jackets and coats, purses just to name a few. Zipper pulls can be made from metal pieces, woven, printed, puff filled woven, rubber or PVC. You can have your logo printed, engraved, embossed, de-bossed any size or shape desired. Metal colors we can make include nickel, brush antique, antique brass, gun metal, gold, rose gold, light gold, dark nickel, etc. Want it to be metal but a certain Pantone color to match your branding or logo? Let us know and we will work to get you the exact look you want.