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Zumba Fitness Rush - Xbox 360


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It is quickly becoming a crowded market that contains some more stereotypically “girly” games like this one, or UFC Trainer that is focused more towards men. But honestly, if you are intimidated by gyms, or want a cheaper and more accessible way to lose those man boobs and muffin tops, Zumba Fitness Rush is definitely the game for you.

VERDICT: If you aren’t willing to dance, then you obviously won’t like this game. Unlike some other fitness titles where you work on specific areas of your body, Zumba Fitness Rush is all about moving everything, even parts you didn’t know you had. Believe me when I say, you will sweat. Regardless of your fitness level, if you choose to do a 45 or 60 minute workout, you will be drowned in your own perspiration.

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Zumba Fitness Rush is a dance-centric title in which exercise is worked into dance routines. As such, there are dancers shaking their butts and upper bodies while performing the moves. The intent does not seem to be sexual in nature although the moves can be interpreted as such.

LONGEVITY: As long as you can stick to your exercise regime, Zumba Fitness Rush will be there for you. There are plenty of routines for you to try and master. That’s the key really, if you can master these dances you will get more out of the game, scorewise, however, you will also lose more weight, and become fitter by performing all of the moves just like the smiley people in the game. There’s plenty of content in the title that will have fitness gamers coming back for a go, again and again.